Sightings of a Symphonic Poet

( elsewhere on the web )


The Poetry of the Symphonic

The Tartarus Rim

D. Ackerman on Flickr

Symphonic Poet on YouTube


Collaborators, Teachers, and Co-Conspirators


Audio Theatre Companies:

Schlock Audio Theatre

Columbia Audio Theatre



Columbia Civic Orchestra

Ninth Street Philharmonic (and the Columbia Chorale.)

Marshall Philharmonic

(They have no page, but you can read a good article about them, which happens to plug me, here.)


Music Programs:

Missouri Valley College (where I taught for a time.)

University of Missouri School of Music (from whence I have come.)



Leonard Mark Lewis (My first teacher.)

W. Thomas McKenney (My last teacher and I hope a friend, who so far as I know has no page, but whose bio can be read here.)


a Music Store:

The Music Suite


and a Radio Station:




Organizations Unconnected to Myself

( but which might nevertheless be of interest )


Orchestras and Presenting Organizations:

University Concert Series

Missouri Symphony Society and the MOSS Chamber Orchestra

Jefferson City Symphony Orchestra


Music Programs:

Central Methodist University

Stephens College



John Cheetham (Who runs a small press.)

Stefan Freund (Who again seems to have no page, but whose bio can be seen on UMC's beloved site. If you know his page, send me an e-mail.)


and one more Radio Station: